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Safervpn, unblock blocked sites, review safervpnThere is a new kid on the block when it comes to virtually invisible safe, secure internet access. It’s called Safervpn and once you find out what it is, and how it’s used. You will wonder how did you ever live without this extraordinarily, convenient service. First off; the look and feel of the site is off the charts. Let me tell you a little about this wonderful new service. Do you know 15 million Americans are facing hoax activities each year on financial losses and that is a total of 50$ billion? Yes, that’s right! 3500$ have been lost too by a 7% Adults due to fake identity each year that is gigantic amount. Close to 100 million addition Americans have their personal denitrifying information placed at risk of identity theft each year when records maintained in government and corporate databases are lost are stolen. As a matter of fact corporate giants like Target and Cities were hit by hackers recently. Millions of accounts exposed and in the hands of unknown assailants. These alarming statistics demonstrate the need for SaferVPN.saferVPN accessing blocked websites with vpn or proxy Safervpn is a Virtual private Network, meaning: As you have this VPN connection ready to use, there would be a tunnel between devices & VPN servers. Finally, when contention made, there will be not blocking of content anymore. In addition all of your Internet traffic is forwarded from your device to the SaferVPN servers using an encrypted channel. Which is great for you because it protects all personal info on the internet from prying eyes. That is right you can surf the net without worrying about anyone hijacking your pc, laptop, etc.  It gives you all locations and shows you where you are. There are many benefits that come with this service. The app itself is phenomenal when you use it you will see just how essential this service is to the global community. Luxury? No? Necessity? Yes. Safervpn isn’t juts for residential, businesses (whether outside the home or inside the home)can utilize this service as well. More than one computer can be covered with SaferVPN.

Advantages of using SaferVPN:

  • Access to sites like Hulu, Net-flicks, Twitter and Facebook
  • Unrestricted access to anywhere on  the net
  • Hacker Resistant
  • Full data Protection

  And Also:

  • See TV while away from home
  • Encrypt traffic using public Wi-Fi
  • Encrypt  data with bank level encryption

Safervpn is super user friendly. Simple, fast, and complete. You don’t have to be a computer expert to use this or to navigate on this site. Safervpn has superb customer service who are available 7 days a week. SaferVPN even provides Friendly, efficient, courteous, online chat to assist with any questions or problems that may or may not arise.


Nowadays privacy is a hot commodity. It’s something everyone wants but the places preserve it are shrinking fast. With Safervpn you don’t have to worry about that. Privacy is paramount and The brilliant minds of Safervpn understand that 1.) Your anonymity is preserved 2.) Conceal your location 3.) Prevents 3rd Parties from tracking you 4.) Totally cloaks your internet footprints 5.) Protected from snoop’s and also the NSA

SaferVPN Servers Locations:

There are many locations in which you can access  Safervpn Globally; Safervpn has 100 servers over 18 locations: 1.) NY 2.) Los Angeles 3.) Australia 4.) Italy 5.) UK Their monthly plans are affordable and well worth the investment. Who doesn’t want to be protected on the internet? Who wants to be watched tirelessly and relentlessly by censoring governments? Let’s say you happen to live in a country where the government totally controls what is posted and seen on the internet. Safervpn shields you from such censorship and you can surf the net as you please. Affiliate Function: (coming soon) ü  Refer FRIENDS for a piece of the pie. (see site for details) ü  Commission available for those who refer their friends ü  So not only are you taking advantage of unrestricted internet access you can make a little money as well.  Refer as many friends as you can!

Safervpnn server locations

SaferVPN Free trial offer:

Once you sign up (for FREE) you will be eligible for a 24 hour free trial There is no credit card required to participate in the Free Trial; Just so you can take a look and a get a feel of this great service. Safervpn is confident that once you try it you will continue your membership.

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Sounds good to you? Sounds excellent to me. So what are you waiting for? Go to and get started! Discover the internet without restrictions, without censorship, and go wherever you like no matter who is watching. This is an invaluable service and in these times a much needed service. Anonymous, private, internet access has a new name and that is Safervpn.

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