Cheap Android Tablet VPN

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Cheap Android Tablet VPN App & Setup

Android a Linux based operating system, meaning it’s an open source, free software, designed primarily for touchscreen smartphones and tablets. After Google acquired Android Inc. in 2005, it has become the main competitor for iOS and the most popular mobile platform. Android helped Google targeting younger audience. Currently, Android runs hundreds of mobile devices and it has a thriving app store, Google Play. World’s best seller tablets run Android such as; Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia and Motorola Xoom.

Why to use a cheap Android tablet VPN

To protect your personal and business data from hackers

To protect your Wi-Fi connection

To bypass geo-restrictions

To cloak your IP address

Cheap Android tablet VPN
Cheap Android tablet VPN

Where to get a cheap Android tablet VPN

Not just any VPN service will do. To get a cheap Android tablet VPN you need to put in mind some points:

  1. The type of VPN protocol used hence the encryption
  2. Does it or doest in not require rooting your tablet?
  3. How many concurrent VPN connections do you get?

Most of cheap Android tablet VPN services use PPTP VPN protocol because some older versions of Android do not support OpenVPN. But the more suitable alternative for PPTP would be L2TP VPN protocol. Both L2TP and OpenVPN feature 256-bit encryption while PPTP features 128-bit. This means that OpenVPN and L2TP are the most secure types of VPN protocols.

Also, most of cheap Android tablet VPN apps require rooting your tablet which can lead to some security issues including losing system updates and losing the guarantee.

Cheap Android tablet VPN services give you limited access to certain servers at certain times or give you just one connection per account.

Where to get the best cheap Android tablet VPN?

WASEL Pro provides the best cheap Android tablet VPN using a developed OpenVPN application that is available to download from Google Play store. The app doesn’t require rooting your tablet and if you’re running an old version of Android that doesn’t support the app, you can use L2TP VPN manual setup.

You will get two concurrent VPN connection with the same VPN account.

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