Cheap iPhone VPN

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Cheap iPhone VPN service

iPhone Apple Inc. line of smartphones that run on iOS was first released in 2007. With amazing features and incredible consistency and ease of use, longer battery life and faster performance than most other smartphones, superior design and high quality apps, iPhone has become a very popular smartphone since then. For all these wonderful features, you will need to get a cheap iPhone VPN service to protect your precious smartphone.

Why do you need a cheap iPhone VPN service?

Obviously, iPhone is more than just a phone. You can use it to check your e-mail, login to social networks, follow up with stock market, shop online, do banking transactions and catch with business updates while away from office. Using a cheap iPhone VPN will assure that all your data are encrypted and will give you security while using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Additionally, you will cloak your IP address and your VoIP calls and text messages.

Cheap iPhone VPN

Cheap iPhone VPN

If you travel a lot, you should know that iTunes (the official market to download free apps for iPhone) is blocked in some countries along with some other apps and websites. Using a cheap iPhone VPN will give you access to blocked sites and web services wherever you are.

Where to find a cheap iPhone VPN service?

You can look for a cheap iPhone VPN service in VPN reviews sites. But we can tell you that using an advanced and trusted VPN for your iPhone will cost you more than $15/ month. Besides you will be confused with all these VPN packages and plans out there.

WASEL Pro is the best cheap iPhone VPN service and here’s why:

WASEL Pro prices start at $7/ month billed annually. It comes in 4 basic packages with bigger discounts on longer subscription packages.

You can choose between more than 6 convenient payment methods. Whichever payment method you choose, your account will be activated immediately.

WASEL Pro cheap iPhone VPN is so easy to use and it doesn’t need jailbreak. It relies on L2TP VPN protocol to support iOS. You’ll be 100% protected with 256-bit encryption and you can use the same VPN account on two devices at once.

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