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A VPN is a software application installed in browsing devices such as tablets or smartphones to allow for a secure connection over the internet. There are so many VPN service providers that offer the very best of the services to individuals and businesses all over the world. For so many years, the VPN world has brought so much light and also protection to all systems. This is why before you sign up a particular VPN service provider, you need to be very sure what the service provider has to offer and if you can get what you need from the provider or not. Staying anonymous and also save from hackers is what you get from being signed up to a credible VPN service provider.

Below is the top 5 VPN list for you to consider;

1. WASEL Pro

Pro’s: No bandwidth caps, Dutch company, No data logging, Windows, Android & Mac compatible
Cons: Can’t find any.

Excellent Speed:

You get to surf the internet with so much speed. You only require 4 steps to connect to the great speed and firmly established servers, and these are downloading the software from the internet, installation into an Android device, log in and finally connecting to the internet. This is because your internet connection’s speed is boosted by OpenVPN compression.

The above mentioned element consists of data on at the server which is sent to the users, and its application decomposes the data thus its great speeds. While downloading using Wasel Pro VPN, you are prioritized to stronger servers due to its connection to a European or a US network.

Unlimited Bandwidth: You enjoy unlimited bandwidth with WASEL Pro VPN service providers and also get to access as well as make VOIP calls through various platforms including Skype. You get to connect to the internet straight from WASEL pro servers that are located all over the world.

Dutch Based Company: WASEL Pro is a Dutch based company that provides the very best VPN speed and connection. The company ensures the better services and affordable pricing along with the maximum level of online protection.

No logging: When you sign up with this service, you get absolute privacy because; there are no log kept of all your dealings and also website transactions. There are no restrictions that come with this service and you also get the best security no matter what.

Great Windows: This service is very compatible with Windows operating systems and devices to make usage very easy with all windows users.

Mac: It is compatible with Apple Mach operating systems and devices. No matter whether you are using the software at your home or office, you can always make the most out of your internet experience on any Mac device happily.

Android App: It is also very compatible with Android apps. This means, you can use even on your hand held devices to ensure your complete safety no matter what.

Multiple Features: If you want to surf the internet without being noticed, you can do so with ease because; the service has double encrypted tunnels that helps to protect your system from all data sniffers as well as hackers. You can always trust WASEL Pro VPN to offer the best and quality results with their various plans as well as affordability with their various discounts and offers to clients.


2. Strong Vpn Service

Pro’s: Wonderful vpn speed, lots of vpn servers, unlimited bw, great features, good prices
Cons: short money back.

Great Speed:
The company offers the very best of speed and connection no matter where you are in the world. StrongVPN also has the very best features which makes it one of the best VPN service providers ever.

They have built one of the best and strongest reputation in the VPN world which cannot be taken for granted. Many clients and non-client respect the company and accord them with high quality VPN services with fast speed.

Many VPN Servers: With its base in San Francisco, StrongVPN has been in the industry since 1995 which should give you an idea of how experienced they are in this field. They have so many servers and to be précised, 140 services in San Francisco with a record breaking 300 all over the world. This should tell you the level of the company.

Unlimited Bandwidth: You can count on no limitations when using StrongVPN. Also, there are restrictions with how far you can go with surfing the internet.

Multiple Features: The VPN service provider offers a wide variety of features as well as pricing plans to suit all customers. If you are a new company or individual considering VPN or if you want to change your provider, you can totally count on StongVPN to be a worthy replacement.

Pricing and Packages: StrongVPN has their plans divided into 3 categories which are the PPTP, OpenVPN and also the Premium service. All these come with various discount packages as well as different charges or amounts to pay.

With the packages they offer, you can decide to choose anyone that suits your needs especially based on where you are located in the world.

Customer Support: You can have live chats with customer support on phone, via Skype or through ticketed email. Also, on the contact us page, you will be

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able to know exactly which department you are calling which makes the process very easy.

Money Back Guarantee: You get a 7 day money back guarantee if you are disappointed with the services the program or service offered you.



3. iWASEL Vpn

Pro’s: Both arab and english interface, no data logging, excellent speed, great online staff
Cons: Bit old design.

Superb US Speed: iWASEL is a popular VPN service provider in the Middle East. The company ensures that all Arab businesses and individuals get the very best VPN service which is very important to access the internet privately. It offers users with the very best US speed and also connection.

Friendly Support: The service offers the very best where quality and also friendly support services are concerned. So you get the positive response anytime and every time when you contact the support staff.

Easy Software: iWasel comes with a easy to use and install software which gives users a very nice time using. Also, users get some special discounts when sign up to the service and as they use the service.

Good Pricing: It has the best pricing as well as very friendly customer support to answer the questions of all clients. Pricing plans offered by iWASEL is simply amazing and very competitive. Users get to pay $9.99 for one month plan, $27.00 for a three month plan, $50.00 for a six month plan and also $90.00 for a one year plan.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Also, all the plans iWASEL offers come with the very best and unlimited bandwidth. So, you do not have to worry about restrictions whatsoever. You can count on this VPN service provider for the best security and privacy online.

Payment Methods: They accept various payment systems like CashU, Visa, Western Union, MasterCard, OneCard, and 2CO. you will be able to get the tips and also methods on how to make payments with these methods on the VPN provider website.

4. HMA (Hide My Ass) Vpn

Pro’s: large diversity vpn locations, thousands of vpn ips, pptp, openvpn etc
Cons: sometimes not able to connect.

Many VPN Servers: Hidemyass is a UK based VPN service provider that has the best VPN features ever. Being in the industry since the year 2005, Hidemyass has so much to offer where experience is concerned.

Hidemyass has a total number of 304 servers with a huge VPN sever selection with servers in more than 53 countries. What has made its services popular is the free website proxy tool they have to offer or bring.

Many IPS: With HideMyAss, you get about 35,500 + IPs as well as free switching to 32 countries. It comes with a very friendly VPN service that works very well with PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols.

No Bandwidth Caps: With this VPN provider, you get to benefit from no bandwidth restrictions. This means, all VPN packages are unlimited so, you can use it easily. With Hidemyass, you can be assured of security and invisibility.

Multiple Features: Hidemyass comes with very easy to use pricing plans with monthly cost of $11.52, 6 month plan of $50.66 which means you save 27%, 12 month plan of $78.66 which saves you 43%. You can pay for services with PayPal, Credit cards, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Debit Cards and others.

Connects Some Times Slow: Sometimes connection gets slow which is an annoying situation for the many internet addicts. This is because of the huge number of consumers using the service at the same time.


5. Keypard vpn service

Pro’s: Nice vpn speed, not a huge vpn company, offshore company, unlimited bandwidth and speed
Cons: none

Good VPN Speed: Kepard has been working very hard to further and improve the services it offers to its clients. In a very short period, the user base of Keypard has extended to many users who are satisfied. This is why you can count on the perfect VPN Speed for all your needs.

Offshore Company: Kepard is a fairly new VPN service provider that was established in the year 2012. The company and its entire team is based in the Republic of Moldova and it also has the very best servers all over the UK, Netherlands (P2P servers), US, Germany and Canada.

The new company seems to be very promising enough with the very best of services. They offer the very best support service. The service has servers in 5 countries including the UK, US, Canada, Germany and Netherlands.

It allows or permits PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN protocols and 256 bit encryption for enough protection of user’s data and internet footprint. Also, users can have the best support no matter what.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Kepard package plans come in three different plans which includes the monthly plan that is for $7, the 3 months plan for $19, and other plans. They are easy to install and also to use.

Compatibility: It is also compatible with windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X as well as Linux. It is also supported mobile devices running Android ad iOS operating systems.



All the VPN services above, offer the best of services to their clients all over the world. For more information their services and specific packages, visit the main websites. Despite of the distinctive features of VPN; with all the free solutions, it is best to either avoid transmitting sensitive information through them or stay away from the free ones due to the terms and conditions of the security when compared to the subscription-based or paid service.

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