Secure your Internet association with Security KISS Tunnel

Security KISS Tunnel is a main VPN supplier that ensures protection, guarantees obscurity and detour Internet limitations usage, working on accounts of OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. It makes a VPN tunnel between your tablet and a security portal what keeps outsiders from review your web skimming exercises, texts, downloads MasterCard data or whatever else you send over the system. Its servers speak to you on the Internet and your genuine IP location is covered up.

Security KISS

Some sites may keep you from getting to their substance because of limitations with respect to your locale or nation. Diverting your association through a VPN server, utilizing Security KISS Tunnel, will empower you to sidestep such confinements. It is additionally a decent approach to secure your personality while scanning the Internet. In the event that you are joined through a VPN server, you will be “seen” with an alternate IP address.

Security KISS Tunnel diverts all your online information through an impervious passage to our security door so all your online correspondence (web scanning, messages, texts, VoIP, long range informal communication) is encoded.

Security Kiss Setup process:

The span of the setup record scarcely achieves 2 and a half Mb, so it won’t take long to download it. You won’t need to make any kind of arrangements while introducing the product. In no time flat, the setup procedure will be finished and you can flee the product right.

There are relatively few alternatives you will need to tap on when utilizing Security KISS Tunnel. The principle range of the interface comprises of hyperlinks for Face book sharing, getting to a FAQ document and others. The lower region of the interface is the place you have to direct your consideration. You should simply tap the Connect catch in the lower left corner and in almost no time, your association will be directed through a VPN server. The IP you are utilizing and the genuine one are shown over the Connect catch.

Security KISS VPN Tunnel is extremely easy to utilize. While the product is working, your association pace won’t be backed off. You can likewise delay an association with a server, making it conceivable to reconnect much speedier.

Changing to an alternate server should be possible with no troubles. A catch in the lower right zone of the interface will open another window with a rundown of accessible servers. IP locations, nations and urban communities of starting point, and different subtle elements are shown alongside every passage in the rundown. You can choose any of these servers by clicking a check box. Another alternative, in the lower right corner will show a Google controlled guide, in your default program, where you will see the area of the server you are associated with.

Why Should I use Security KISS VPN Tunnel?

Security kiss VPN is a magnificent answer for secure your online information. It can be considered as one of the first rate and dependable VPN administration supplier. The administration is helpful both for individual and additionally expert needs. As indicated by senior authorities of the administration, it secures both active and approaching web movement accordingly leaving no escape clauses for snooping or information taking.

Security KISS VPN Tunnel payment methods:

There are five arrangements of Security KISS VPN Tunnel payments.

First, you can pay via Bit Coins and utilise a 50% discount offer while paying this way.


The five arrangements for Security KISS VPN Tunnel payment are Green, Olivine, Malachite, Jadeite and Emerald plans.

The Green arrangement is free of expense and focused on towards amateurs.

The month to month cost of the rest four arrangements are $2.99, $3.99, $5.99 and $9.99 separately. (All the costs are in Euro)

The yearly arranges cost $23.90, $35.90, $53.90 and $89.90 individually. (All the costs are in Euro)

With each arrangement server areas and number of IP locations build making the administration more viable for premium clients. The terms and states of the administration are truly expanded which builds client confide in the item.

It no more matters in the event that somebody blocks your online movement in transit. Indeed, even your Internet Provider won’t recognize what you are doing on the web and it additionally makes it unimaginable for him to square or channel any activity.

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