Internetz dot me – Is It The Service You Wish To Have?

Internetz dot me

Internetz dot me based in Berlin, Germany, Internetz dot me is an all-round internet security company, which places a strong emphasis on net neutrality, online privacy and civil liberties. The team is predominantly made up of Germans and the project initially began as a small-scale security firm, but has grown into a larger business.

Internetz dot me is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service offers users increased protection when using the internet, as well as the ability to browse anonymously, without the fear of third-party spying. It also serves as a method of circumventing online censorship and is marketed as a product for restoring freedom and combating surveillance.

 How Internetz dot me  Works

Upon installing Internetz dot me is client software and running the VPN application, all internet traffic leaving a customer’s computer is encrypted and fed through the Internetz dot me servers, before reaching its final destination. This serves to keep all data secure from snooping, hacking or interception, even when using public wi-fi.

In addition, as the traffic goes through a server, the user’s true location is obscured and the traffic appears as if it was originating from the location of the server instead. Users also take on the IP address of the server they are connected to, granting them full anonymity when browsing the web.

Due to the fact that data appears to be coming from a different location, the Internetz dot me VPN service can be used to bypass censorship or get around geographical restrictions on websites or other online content, including streaming media and social networking sites.


At present, the Internetz dot me VPN service utilizes OpenVPN encryption protocols. This is a secure encryption method, which makes use of point-to-point connections between the user and the VPN’s servers and ensures that no third party is able to intercept data or snoop on a user’s online activity.

Internetz dot me also operates a comprehensive no logging policy, which means user website visits, downloads, communications and other data is not monitored or stored. Due to the fact that it is not stored, data will also not be passed on to third parties or the authorities, even if requested, guaranteeing complete online protection.


Internetz dot me has servers in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden and the USA.

internetz dot me homepage

Pricing and Payment Methods

The VPN service comes as part of a larger security package, which is known as Internet Privacy FlatRate. This package includes the VPN itself, as well as a proxy service, a SOCKS service and an email service, offering a full range of online security tools. Privacy FlatRate is currently available at a cost of €9.99 and users are able to pay via credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Moreover, for those who wish to ensure even their purchase of the product remains anonymous, an option to buy the package with Bitcoin is available.


The Internetz dot me Internet Privacy FlatRate client software is compatible with a number of different devices, ranging from computers and tablets to mobile phones. Supported operating systems include: Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Linux and Android and detailed setup tutorials for each of these.

Customer Support

Internetz dot me website contains a number of setup tutorials, as well as basic technical information and this will be enough to satisfy the needs of many users. It should also be noted that customer support is available in both the English and German languages.

In the event that a customer needs to make direct contact with a member of the technical support team, they have the option of opening up a support ticket, sending an email or making use of the website’s live chat function. Response times are usually swift, although delays are possible outside of ordinary working hours.

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