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There are so many people who use Windows operating devices for their phones and other devices. This has done a lot to ensure that, the very best quality is assured no matter what. Finding the right VPN software that will be able to meet all the needs of your Windows operating device can be difficult. This is why you need to be very careful as well as cautious with the type of VPN applications you decide to choose. Below are the best 5 VPN for windows;


1. WASEL Pro for Windows

waselpro cheap vpn

Pro’s: Best vpn app, delighted speed, friendly online staff
Cons: Not the cheapest vpn

Amazing vpn software: WASEL Pro for Windows comes with very easy to use features and also installation. The interface is organic plus user-friendly which results in a better private browsing experience for all.

Great speeds: You get to surf the internet with so much speed. You get to connect to the internet straight from WASEL pro servers that are located all over the world. There are no restrictions that come with this service and you also get the best security no matter what.

You enjoy unlimited bandwidth with WASEL Pro VPN service providers and also get to access as well as make VOIP calls through various platforms including Skype. It is compatible with windows, and Mac operating devices as well as android apps. This means, you can use even on your hand held devices to ensure your complete safety no matter what.

24/7 customer support:

It offers 24/7 support and also offers live chat for perfect understanding of their services. WASEL Pro is a Dutch based company that offers the very best VPN speed and connection. This company has for so many years helped all businesses and individuals to protect their information online. So, if you value your privacy do not want to be caught off guard by hackers, you can count on Wasel pro for your windows operating systems. You can always trust WASEL Pro VPN to offer the best and quality results with their various plans as well as affordability with their various discounts and offers to clients.

Quite Costly: Bit pricey but totally worth it. The higher price makes sure you are getting the right service with right features with right internet security.

2. Private Intenet Access for Windows

pva vpn

Pro’s: No data logging policy, Fresh shared ips, Anonymous email
Cons: No trail period

No data Logs: When you use Private Internet Access for your Windows devices, you are assured of speed in its highest degree. There are no logs kept of users which are great because; it helps to give users the confidence and the trust in the company. Also, this means there is true privacy for users on this service. This is because; no one will be able to trace your IP address or even internet activity to find you.

Shared IPs: It has shared dynamic IP’s that make personal identification impossible and also has DNS leak protection in client which is important for product security. Private Internet Access supports 256 bit OpenVPN encryption and ensures that, all clients go about their daily duties perfectly with their iPhones not being at risk of hackers entering to steal information and others.

Accept Bitcoin: It comes with the Biticon payment option, American Express, PayPal, Google Checkout and others.

Encourages Anonymous Email: The system encourages anonymous emails which are so much fun and safe. Protecting your online information from fraudsters and sniffers always goes a long way to help and protect your personal life and business. Private Internet Access based in the US takes advantage of the fact that, the US does not have any statutory laws governing data retention, giving it the opportunity to provide very high levels of guaranteed anonymity to all clients

No Vpn Free Trial: The system comes with no free trial which many find unfortunate. You will pay for the service even if you want to test it whether it works for you or not.

3. VyprVPN for windows

vyprvpn positive reviews

Pro’s: Great website, fast vpn service, expert support, no data logs kept, diversity of packages.
Cons: None for now.

Very Good Design

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and Usability: You can expect the best VyprVPN for Windows design and usability and also the very best of other features with this operating system. Dealing with experienced business in the VPN world always offers you with the best. VyprVPN has been in the industry since the year 1994 and the company Golden Frog has been the brain behind this amazing VPN brand and service. It is very compatible with windows operating systems and will offer you with so much perfection.

Fast Speed: It has the fastest speed so, surfing the internet is fun. It has many users spread over 200 countries and always makes sure the very best of services are offered to them. VyprVPN operates through its very own server clusters in Europe, North America and Asia. It is backed by a professional team who are always interested in making things happen so, you will always have the fastest and unrestricted speed and your windows devices will simply browse with no breaks as well as complete invisibility.

Perfect User friendly support: VyprVPN offers user friendly guidelines for all devices. So, you can use it on your iPhone without worry.

No logs: It comes with no logs to ensure your complete safety and protection. This way, you can be assured everything you do online have not been recorded anywhere.

Perfect Packages: With VyprVPN, you get the flexibility and also practical solutions needed to make sure you enjoy browsing and also stay safe. At the moment, VyprVPN’s packages and pricing is divided into basic and premium. These come in two products which are the VyprVPN and VyprVPN pro.

No download restrictions: There are no download restrictions that come with VyprVPN. You can enjoy the service with great speed and multiple features any time you want whether you are at home or office.

4. IpVanish for windows 8

servers ipvanish

Pro’s: Easy to understand vpn app, No download logs
Cons: Quite pricey

Very easy to use: Needless to say, IPVanish for windows is definitely very easy to use. This has been designed this way to give Windows users the flexibility to enjoy and also relax as they surf the internet without any disruptions. Out of the many VPN providers in the industry, IPVanish is one that sets itself apart from the others. IPVanish is a US based company and offers the best privacy and anonymity to users all over the world. With so much experience of more than 15 years in the industry, you can count on their level of experience to be simply impeccable.

No Logs: It comes with no logs and no details or history of your internet details is kept which means, total privacy.

A Bit Pricey: The software can cost you quite an amount. Higher amount always ensures better services however you can compare the companies service to any cheap and affordable software.

Multiple servers: It offers servers in 41 countries including North Africa, the Far East and India. IPVanish is very much compatible to windows operating devices and systems with Choice of TCP or UDP OpenVPN encryption.

5. ibVPN (Invisible browsing VPN) for Windows 7/8

ibvpn vpn servers

Again no download or log policy, very cheap vpn provider, built in torrent service.
Cons: Quite new vpn provider on the market.

No logs: ibVPN for windows comes with no logs to ensure your complete safety and protection. This way, you can be assured everything you do online have not been recorded anywhere. The team behind ibVPN has been working for more than 10 years now to offer the very best of internet privacy and protection for businesses all over the world. They have helped so many businesses to achieve a lot and this has helped to give businesses the courage to go through with dealings with their customers with all safety. When an online business is safe, so much goes right.

Cheap: ibVPN has two main package plans and they are the standard VPN plan as well as the Multi VPN plan. The standard VPN plan supports support L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols. The finest package is known as the ultimate package. It costs $82.95/year and lets you enjoy Dedicated Account Manager, VOIP applications, P2P file sharing, 10 proxy servers, and an extra 35 IPs than other standard VPN packages. All these help to make usage with your iPhone superb. However; the multi VPN package only supports OpenVPN protocols and is accessible for either families or businesses. A least of 3 connections are provided for the use of family at $169.95/year. For companies, the least connection condition is 5 and this package starts at $249.95 and goes up to $999.95 for a 20 connection plan.

Good torrent service: ibVPN for windows also has good torrent service

Multiple servers: ibPVN has 56 servers in 15 countries all over the world across 3 continents. It also has 620 Dynamic IPs with proxy in 8 countries as well as torrents in 2 countries. This should give you an idea of how serious the business is and how well it offers its services. Also, to make services better ibVPN has added ibDNS (Beta) services on every single plan it offers.

Compatibility: It is very much compatible with windows operating systems as well as various mobile phone device types.

Supports: ibVPN also supports L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, and OpenVPN protocols. Nevertheless, it is very new but easy to use VPN software for all devices.


All the above VPN service providers make sure they give clients all they need to stay safe as they browse the internet. This is why you need to be very careful when you deal with them. Make sure you check their various services through their websites and also call their support services to find out how reliable they are or can be. The free plans are suitable for general browsing, but keep off accessing sites that will request for critical information such as your Social Security number and others. Be careful with such transactions so that you are not scammed.

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