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A VPN is a software application installed in browsing devices such as tablets or smartphones to allow for a secure connection over the internet. VPN application does a lot of work like enabling your device to access a region-restricted website, getting IP address of another country,it ensures that all your data are well encrypted while online thus protecting your privacy from hackers.

Technically, when your device is synchronized to a VPN, the browsing details are routed through other servers across the globe, giving a proxy I.P. address. For instance, there is a server in Asia you can link up to, thenall your internet traffic will be routed to that particular server and your browser will assume proxy I.P. address to that server. Therefore, if you are based in Asia and connected to aninternet via a VPN application, the actual browsing details will be hidden in the websites making it difficult to be located.

However, there are numerous VPNas well as a great number of smartphones on the same marketbut using different operating systems. Narrowing down to Android devices, a lot of users experience hard times deciding to which VPN may be the best for their phones (choosing the right one is still a tricky task). This is as result of increased VPN providers who correspond with alarming customer demand brought by infringement of private space.

With the continuously usage of Android tablets and phones by so many individuals as their reliable means of surfing the websites, it has become more than ever essential to use VPN services for Android devices to protect yourselves from the prying eyes.In fact, there is government spying through their different agencies such as anti-piracy and copyright legal, protecting yourself becomes a priority.The following is a list of the top 5 VPN service providers for Android devices:


1. WASEL Pro for Android

waselpro reliable vpn provider


Pro’s: Good Price, Great speeds, Software with SSL Technology, Money back guarantee, great online support
Cons: None

Good Price: Without a doubt undoubtedly, Wesel Pro For Android is something you are going to love. Wasel Pro is a VPN service provider offering for both business and personal use. It has good prices for accounts with as low as $7 on a monthly basis, and an easy software to understand. Besides being your hot favorite for Mac and Windows, it also provides application for the Android gadgets with help of OpenVPN technology.
Great Speed: You only require 4 steps to connect to the great speed and firmly established servers, and these are downloading the software from the internet, installation into an Android device, log in and finally connecting to the internet.This is because your internet connection’s speed is boosted by OpenVPNLzo compression.
The above mentioned element consists of data on at the server which is sent to the users, and its application decomposes the data thus its great speeds. While downloading using Wasel Pro VPN, you are prioritized to stronger servers due to its connection to a European or aUS network.
Software with SSL Technology and Money Back Guarantee: Wasel Pro is trusted since it is certified with SSL; it encrypts all the internet traffic; protects your data and identity like emails, passwords, credit card information from data sniffers. It has support all types of VOIP and has money back guarantee policy for its clients as well as provider allows for refund or money back guarantee.
24/7 Online Support: It is possible to browse the internet in an anonymous manner into any restricted network and whenever there is technical hiccups or issues with VPN, you can reportor contact the matter to its 24/7 online live chat support.


2. VyprVPN (golden frog)

vyprvpn reviews


Pro’s: Easy to Connect, good speeds, good protection, long in business
Cons: None

Easy to Connect: VyprVPN for Android makes it easy to connect to your Android gadgets. It uses a more high level software thus can protect all Android devices on unsecured internet connections. Apart from encrypting your internet connection, it also includes all your cellular data through using the 256-bit OpenVPN encryption.

Good Speed: While using VyprVPN, you have choices for servers like Asia, North America and Europe. In addition, it is possible for a quick connection or disconnection from your lock screen or home screen by using widgets(used as a remote control for the application).
Better Protection: VyprVPN allows for automatic reconnection in case of a drop of the VPN services and auto-selection of the closest VyrpVPN server location. Most importantly, it protects your internet traffic from internet providers in case they employ deep packet inspection to throttle and analyze the transit data from your Android supported device.
Long in Business: Needless to say, company is doing the business since long. They know very well how to provide you the right VPN service at the right time.


3. Purevpn for Android

pure vpn account

Pro’s: Real Time Server and User Statistics, Free tails, no logs, good speed, great support staff
Cons: None

Real Time Server and User Statistics: Pure Vpn comes in the top 5 list of the VPN providers. When used in older Android devices rooting is comparative, but it is no longer a requirement for devices of the latest version 4.0 and beyond. It accepts payments via Bitcoins, uses 128-bit AES encryption as well as giving real-time server and user statistics.
Free Tails and No logs: This VPN provider also provides a free trial to its customers thereby giving an opportunity to many people to try out its services.Though it does not offer the needed support for Android beyond the OpenVPN for Android, it is capable of providing other great services such as support for great technologies such as VPN over Tor and VPN via SSL and SSH tunnels, over VPN and VPN, and

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it keeps no logs hence keeping users identities untraceable.
Good Speed: Yes, the company offers you with a great speed to use safe internet conveniently. Moreover to this, PureVPN is capable of supporting dynamics Remote Port forwarding together with increasing P2P performance and avoiding restrictions at particular ports with the help of ISP.
Good Support: It has established support staff that is accessible via direct e-mail besides its forum where it addresses all matters strangling its clients while using the offered services, however you are advised to always use disposable e-mail addresses.


4. Switch Vpn for Android

switch vpn trial


Pro’s: Good security, free web proxy, no logs
Cons: None

Good Security: Switch vpn all encryption security requirements surpass the demands needed by most people however, for better security encryption requirements you will have to dig deep into your pocket.
Free Web Proxy: Switch vpn all has three affordable pricing plans; Free, Premium and Premium Plus. Basically, the charged plans fund for the free plan. It is possible for casual users to browse the internet anonymously without downloading and installing its software due to the inclusion of the free web proxy.
No Logs – Completely Safe Environment: Since it keeps no logs it implies that the visited websites, contents or personal communication is saved while all the anonymous log-in details are kept for 24 hours (statistical purposes) and deleted.It has quite impressive VPN speeds that are fast enough for quick anonymous web surfing, and it accepts offline payments for its premium plans.


5. Banana VPN for Android

banana vpn discount


Pro’s: Great Speed, easy Programs, good support
Cons: None

Great Speed: Banana VPN for Android provides an encrypted and a high speed VPN connection to your Android smartphone or tablet any time. It has VPN servers all over Europe, South America and Asia, you are always a click away from all your favorite sites.
Better but Easy Programs: This VPN provider has a special functionality that is, it recommends location where the user can get the location that works great basing it using protection and connection speed. While using it for Android devices, it also creates shortcuts for the previous three locations a user opened (reaching for the favorite site becomes easy).
Good Support: It has various plans while the paid for have guarantee of refunds. This

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application caters for the two version of Android: one for Android 4 while the other for Android 2. It has a great support services that addresses issues concerning the services offered.


Android operating systems can be supported by several of VPN provider though some of applications are yet to catch up with the new Android version, OpenVPN. Nonetheless, following the release of this latest Android version, facilitated other VPN providers to release OpenVPN of their own. This has contributed to the ease of installation OpenVPN on recent devices, while often giving additional features like auto reconnect and port forwarding. This latest release is simply great and easy to use, while it allows the newer Android devices to simple protocol thus minimizing the fuss involved in the earlier versions. However, for the users of older Android devices should not be anxious as L2PT/IPsec can is still an outstanding VPN protocol (can work well with almost everything), same benefits.

The VPN technology works far well superbly with mobile landscape, and it addresses the critical inherent security overlaps encountered when surfing the websites using a mobile phone.There is no reason why you should be caught “naked” while browsing the internet via your Android devices (smartphones or tablets). This is because there are more than enough VPN applications provided by various VPN providers at affordable prices; premium and free.

Despite of the distinctive features of VPN; with all the free solutions, it is best to either avoid transmitting sensitive information through them or stay away from the free ones due to the terms and conditions of the security when compared to the subscription-based or paid service. The free plans are suitable for general browsing, but keep off accessing sites that will request for critical information such as your Social Security number and others.Take cautions while interacting with different sites online since today we have many hackers idling online cracking into private other people’s private space. In the worst case, you can lose a lot if your financial details are found such as bank e-mails.

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