PandaPow VPN Prices and Features – Review 2015

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As you might have probably guessed from the name, PandapPow is a Chinese VPN provider that was launched in 2010 with its base in Hong Kong. PandaPow is a basic, user-friendly VPN that is good for users who are looking for a basic VPN which provides very good security and anonymity on the internet as well as simplicity when it comes to configurations, as it is stated on their website:

” PandaPow is based on the much proven & secure VPN technology. However, most VPN services are infamous for being difficult to setup and use. We at PandaPow are set to change this. With PandaPow we want to create a must-have service in terms of cost and ease-of-use, regardless of whether a customer is a novice or an expert with computers.”

PandaPow VPN Features

PandaPow boasts user-friendly services, flexible pricing plans, compatibility with several platforms and devices as well as good network coverage. PandaPow users in the east and west can enjoy surfing the web anonymously and accessing blocked websites and services anywhere.

” Without PandaPow, your unique internet address (or IP-address) is stamped on everything you do online. With PandaPow, your IP address will be protected. Your online activity will instead be associated with an anonymous IP address from PandaPow, that can’t be traced to you.”

Pricing and Payment Methods

PandaPow offers flexible pricing plans that suits different needs of its users in exchange to unmetered bandwidth, fast servers, etc.

* 1 month : 9$
*3 months: 24$

* 12 months: 84$

pandapow prices

As for payment methods, PandaPow accepts: Credit Card, PayPal and 2CheckOut. According to their website:

” When you click “Order Now” you will get a choice of payment gateways: PayPal or 2CheckOut. With PayPal you can choose many ways to make the payment, including Credit Card, eCheck, or direct from your bank account. With 2Checkout you’ll need a credit card or debit card.”

Speed and Bandwidth

PandaPow VPN provides very good speeds especially to countries located near its servers. They offer unlimited bandwidth to all users, as well. This means that PandaPow users will be able to stream live videos in HD, download large files, play video games and make VoIP sessions without limits or restrictions.

Server Locations

PandaPow VPN has server locations in 7 countries, which as: USA, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany and Hong Kong. The company doesn’t have servers in hot markets, such as: Canada or Australia, but all users (especially those in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) can enjoy access to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Youtube, Skype, Viber, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Pandora, Amazon TV, BBC iPlayer, Youku, Fox, Rara, Spotify, NBC, NFL, MTV, VEVO, Vudu, etc.

Encryption and Logging

PandaPow offer shared and dynamic IPs. They also supports PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP encryption protocols. While OpenVPN is excellent for computers, PPTP and L2TP are ideal for mobiles, tablets because not all devices support OpenVPN. PPTP, however, isn’t recommended since it isn’t very secure.

As for logging, PandaPow doesn’t keep logs. They only save connection details to improve and develop their service.


The company supports all major operating systems, such as: Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The company also supports Android and iOS operated devices, including: smartphones and tablets. The VPN client provided by PandaPow is extremely easy to use and requires only a single click.

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

Though the company doesn’t provide free trial, it offers 7-day money back guarantee through which users can evaluate the service and get their money back within 7 days in case they aren’t satisfied with the service.


PandaPow is a solid VPN provider that delivers very good speeds, above average security and protection online as well as excellent anonymity services.

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