Castle VPN Prices and Features – Review 2015

castle VPN

Founded in 2011, Castle VPN can be considered as a fairly young VPN that is established to provide web surfers with anonymity and security features on the internet.

Castle VPN Features

Castle VPN offers a group of basic VPN features, including: 256-bit OpenVPN, pricing plans which provide up to 10Mbps bandwidth, compatibility with several operating systems and devices as well as simultaneous connections. Take a look at what Castle VPN has to offer before deciding on purchasing this VPN.

Pricing and Payment Options

Castle VPN offers 3 pricing plans: Free VPN, Standard and Premium.

* Free VPN: without extra charges, users can enjoy 10 Mbps, however they can’t use this VPN on more than one device.

* Standard: Unlimited bandwidth, no simultaneous connections at $7 to $9 per month.
* Premium: Unmetered bandwidth + simultaneous connections starting from $16 to $19 per month.

Users can get a refund after 7 days from using the service if they’re not satisfied.

castle vpn pricing


As for payment, Castle VPN accepts: PayPal, credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Bitcoins.

Speed and Bandwidth

Speed is only restricted to free VPN users. Castle VPN provides unlimited bandwidth and speeds to paid users. Through a network of multi-threaded nodes, Castle subscribers will get to enjoy excellent live streaming of their favourite sports events, movies and series in HD. The company’s buffer-free connection is also excellent for VoIP sessions and playing video games online.


To our disappointment, Castle VPN has servers in USA only. However, this shouldn’t be a problem for users who are looking for a way to gain access to restricted websites and services in the US, such as: Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, MTV, Amazon Prime, CBS, Pandora, NBC, and so on. Moreover, internet users located in China and the Middle East will be able to slip through their firewalls and bypass their ISPs without being detected to unblock banned content in their countries, especially Skype, Viber Facebook, Youtube, Google services including Gmail and Google drive, etc.

Encryption and logging

Using military grade 256-bit OpenVPN encryption is a good point that adds value to Castle VPN. OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit algorithm is one of the best security tools that can be provided by a VPN company. In this way, the users’ personal data and browsing sessions will be secured together with their emails, conferencing and VoIP sessions. Moreover, users can perform financial transactions without having to worry about hackers, spammers or government monitoring. They can also stay safe while using the internet in public places connected to public Wi-fi and hotspots.

As for logging, Castle VPN doesn’t specify whether they keep logs or not; and if they do, it isn’t clear which traffic logs are saved on their servers.


Castle supports most operating systems, including: Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also compatible with most devices running on Android and iOS, such as: Android-operated smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPhones. The company also provides its own OpenVPN client for Windows as well as other operating systems. However, it can only be configured manually.

On the other hand, premium users can enjoy simultaneous connections in which they can use one account on more than one device. Therefore, premium Castle users can run the VPN on their laptops, tablets and phones.

Customer Support

Castle VPN doesn’t provide live chat support. However, users can submit their complaints and problems through the company’s ticketing system.


Castle VPN is an average provider which provides some decent features. Though their server locations are extremely limited to just one country, it could be enough for users who are looking for a basic VPN that will give them security, anonymity and access to enjoy US streaming services.. For more details about the service, please visit:

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