CanadianVPN Prices and Features – Review 2015


Based in Toronto, CanadianVPN has been in business since 2010. It could be considered as a fairly young VPN provider, however, it is run by a team of tech savvies with over 10 years experience in the business. The company provides online security and anonymity services through the VPN technology.

CanadianVPN Features

CanadianVPN offers a bunch of decent features, including: more than one type of IPs, OpenVPN protocol, good pricing plans, and so on. Take a look at what the company has to offer before deciding to subscribe to the service.

Pricing and Payment Options

CanadianVPN offers more than one pricing plan to suit all users’ needs.

* Shield package: up to 5GB/month bandwidth limit starting from $7.5 a month ($22.5 for 3 months).

* Resistance package: up to 10GB/month bandwidth limit starting from $9.99 a month ($29.97 for 3 months).

* Liberty package: up to 60GB/month bandwidth limit starting from  $24.99 a month ($74.97 for 3 months).

Although the above plans are very good and provide enough bandwidth for streaming and making VoIP sessions, the company also allows the users to create their own pricing plan with a desired bandwidth limit. Users can get a refund within 48hrs as long as they haven’t used more than 500 MB bandwidth.

As for payment methods, PayPal, AlertPay, credit card are accepted.


CanadianVPN provides extremely fast speeds that will make a lot of users happy. Through their unlimited 100 Mbit connections, subscribers can enjoy unrestricted streaming and downloads as they please, without buffering or any interruptions.

Server Locations

The company has many servers in USA, Canada and the UK. They don’t have a wide, global network of servers to reach many countries, but they do have servers in important internet markets. Through US, Canadian, or UK IPs, users will gain access to any blocked website or services, including: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Gmail, Skype, Viber, Hulu, Netflix, CWTV, HBO, Amazon TV, Fox, Rara, Amazon TV, Spotify, MTV, BBC iPlayer, etc.

Moreover, subscribers can switch between servers as they without limits or extra charge – for free.

File Sharing

CanadianVPN allows peer-to-peer (P2P) and file sharing. However, they don’t allow sharing any copyrighted material.

Encryption and Logging

Even though Canadian VPN offers only OpenVPN through (SSL/2048 bit encryption), OpenVPN is considered to be the most secure and most recommended protocol as it ensures optimal protection for all internet activities, including: browsing, emails, VoIP sessions, gaming, streaming videos, torrenting, etc. However, OpenVPN isn’t supported by all devices, especially many hand devices, such as: smartphones and tablets.

As for logging, CanadianVPN doesn’t keep logs and never resells their users’ personal info in anyway, which is excellent and adds value to the service.

Customer Support

Users can contact the company’s support team through live chat, phone and email. Moreover, the company’s website offers excellent FAQ and guidelines for all users.


CanadianVPN is a company that knows how to make a customer happy. They’re very cooperative and offer fair VPN services at great prices. They might be lacking at servers and extra security features, such as: Anti-DNS leak, kill switches, IPv6 support, multi-encryption protocols, simultaneous connections; however, they do provide super fast speeds, free switching between servers, OpenVPN and excellent support.

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