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Owning an iPhone can be so much fun. However; there are so many ways people can get into your iPhone’s system to get to you without you even knowing. This is why you should always have the best VPN security on your iPhone to save all information on your phone and make sure you do not have your personal details being used against you as the years go by. Narrowing down to iPhones and other Apple devices, a lot of users experience hard times deciding to which VPN may be the best for their phones (choosing the right one is still a tricky task). This is as result of increased VPN providers who correspond with alarming customer demand brought by infringement of private space.

With the continuously usage of Apple tablets and phones especially iPhones by so many individuals as their reliable means of surfing the websites, it has become more than ever essential to use VPN services for Android devices to protect yourselves from the prying eyes. Below are some of the best 5 VPN service providers who offer perfect protection for iPhones as well as other devices.


1.     ibVPN (Invisible Browsing VPN) for iPhone

ibvpn reviews

Cheap, Great support, Money back guarantee, Compatibility, Many Servers
Cons: Sometimes Slow

Cheap: The team behind ibVPN has been working for more than 10 years now to offer the very best of internet privacy and protection for businesses all over the world. Over these years, they have been able to make iPhone and all iPhone users have the best time surfing with their protection in mind. Today, owning an iPhone means, you can have the security you need at very affordable prices.

ibVPN has two main package plans and they are the standard VPN plan as well as the Multi VPN plan. The standard VPN plan supports support L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols. The finest package is known as the ultimate package. It costs $82.95/year and lets you enjoy Dedicated Account Manager, VOIP applications, P2P file sharing, 10 proxy servers, and an extra 35 IPs than other standard VPN packages. All these help to make usage with your iPhone superb. However; the multi VPN package only supports OpenVPN protocols and is accessible for either families or businesses.

A least of 3 connections are provided for the use of family at $169.95/year. For companies, the least connection condition is 5 and this package starts at $249.95 and goes up to $999.95 for a 20 connection plan.

Great support: It is possible to browse the internet in an anonymous manner into any restricted network and whenever there is technical hiccups or issues with VPN, you can contact a customer service person to report the matter to its 24/7 online live chat support.

Money back guarantee: Has a money back guarantee which means safety for you. You can request the refund anytime you feel you are not comfortable with the service.

Compatibility: It is compatible with iPhones and also various mobile phone device types as well as operating systems like Windows, Android, others.

Many Servers: ibPVN has 56 servers in 15 countries all over the world across 3 continents. It also has 620 Dynamic IPs with proxy in 8 countries as well as torrents in 2 countries. This should give you an idea of how serious the business is and how well it offers its services.

Also, to make services better ibVPN has added ibDNS (Beta) services on every single plan it offers. It also offers the best servers in the US, UK and also in Canada. ibVPN also supports L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, and OpenVPN protocols. Nevertheless, it is very new but easy to use VPN software for all devices.

Sometimes Slow: Sometimes connection gets slow due to large amount of consumer. This creates  problem for the real users and many users prefer not using the service because of connection breakdowns.



 2.    VyprVPN for iPhone

vyprvpn reviews

Pro’s: Really fast, iOS app, 7 days money back guarantee, No logs, Flexibility packages
Cons: None

Really fast: While using VyprVPN, you have choices for servers like Asia, North America and Europe. VyprVPN operates through its very own server clusters in Europe, North America and Asia. It is backed by a professional team who are always interested in making things happen so, you will always have the fastest and unrestricted speed and your iPhone will simply browse with no breaks as well as complete invisibility. In addition, it is possible for a quick connection or disconnection from your lock screen or home screen by using widgets (used as a remote control for the application).

iOS app: If you want to use VyprVPN for your iPhone, you can do with without any problems. Yes, this is because; it comes with an iOS app which makes installing very easy with your iPhone and usage more fun.

7 days money back guarantee: It comes with 7 days money back guarantee. You can request the refund anytime within the 7 days in the event you feel you are not happy with the service.

No logs: It comes with no logs to ensure your complete safety and protection. This way, you can be assured everything you do online have not been recorded anywhere.

Packages: With VyprVPN, you get the flexibility and also practical solutions needed to make sure you enjoy browsing and also stay safe. At the moment, VyprVPN’s packages and pricing is divided into basic and premium. These come in two products which are the VyprVPN and VyprVPN pro. There are no download restrictions that come with VyprVPN.



 3.     Private Internet Access for iPhone

private internet access review

Pro’s: Super fast, P2P, No logs, Good User Privacy Protection, Good price
Cons: No Free Trial, basic iOS support

Super fast: Private Internet Access for iPhone provides an encrypted and a high speed VPN connection to your iPhone smartphone or tablet any time. It has VPN servers all over Europe, South America and Asia, you are always a click away from all your favorite sites.

P2P: Private Internet Access supports 256 bit OpenVPN encryption and ensures that, all clients go about their daily duties perfectly with their iPhones not being at risk of hackers entering to steal information and others.

No logs: There are no logs kept of users which are great because; it helps to give users the confidence and the trust in the company. Also, this means there is true privacy for users on this service. This is because; no one will be able to trace your IP address or even internet activity to find you.

Good User Privacy Protection: Private Internet Access based in the United States takes advantage of the fact that, the US does not have any statutory laws governing data retention, giving it the opportunity to provide very high levels of guaranteed anonymity to all clients. Private Internet Access offers its clients with the very best where user privacy is concerned and also with the addition of the best connection speed, it has won the hearts of so many iPhone users who search for the best VPN software for their iPhones.

Private Internet Access offers a very easy signing up process that does not take so much of your time. This way, you can start work as soon as possible.

Good price: It has some of the pricing and packages for iPhone users to benefit from. There is some flexibility in prices to ensure that you get the right service with the right price.

No Free Trial: It offers no free trail. This means you will not have any chance to test service before making any payment. Once you pay for the service, then you can only enjoy the service.

iOS Support: It provides basic iOS support. You can benefit from the support which ensures you a better private browsing experience on you Apple device.



4.     WASEL Pro for iPhone

waselpro vpn provider

Pro’s: 24/7 Online Support, 7days Money Back Guarantee, Good price, Multiple Features, Compatibility
Cons: None

24/7 Online Support: 24/7 online support is available for all iPhone and also users of other devices of this service. Customer support is very much available through a ticket as well as live chat systems. This way, you can get help when you need it on the spot. You can also take the customer service numbers and contact the offices of WASEL Pro through those numbers.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee: It comes with a 7 days money back guarantee. WASEL pro is one of the best VPN services in the whole of the United Kingdom that permits users to connect to the internet through their services located all over the world. If you use an iPhone and you need protection and privacy when you use your phone to browse or surf the internet, you can do so with WASEL Pro. Installing this application will simply be perfect.

Good price: With the reasonable pricing of this service, you can count on offers ranging from one month, three months, half a year and also one year. This is good news for anyone who wants a reliable VPN service.

Multiple Features: This service allows you to surf the internet with so much better speed, without any limitations and also with total security guaranteed. Apart from fast internet connection, you can also count on making easy VOIP calls via Skype and also have the best online surfing time. If you want to browse the internet without being noticed, on your iPhone, you can do so with WASEL pro and you will also be safe through the entire process.

Compatibility: The very best and easy installations as well as one click to connection application.  WASEL Pro is also compatible with hand held devices as well as cellphones and also applications for Android and iOS devices are available.



5. Pure VPN for iPhone

pure vpn service

Pro’s: Both Ipad, Iphone App, Great number of vpn servers
Cons: No trial Period

Open PGP Encryption: TorGuard has 256-bit OpenPGP encryption for iPhone and also as a standard feature which makes it easy for compatibility with iOS and Apple devices in general not forgetting other devices too.

Unlimited speed: PureVPNoffers unlimited connection speed which makes it very easy to search as many websites without any restrictions.

Offshore company: PureVPN is a Hongkong based company that offers the very best VPN services to clients all over the world in both private and public agencies. Just as the name suggests, Purevpn is a very dedicated provider to ensuring that, all intruders are out of the computers of their clients. The VPN services for iPhones and other devices that Purevpn offers are simply amazing and this can never be taken for granted.

Torrent proof: It comes with torrent prLogs of users are not kept and also none of their activities online or even offline is kept. This means, total safety and privacy is given.

No trial Period: It comes with no trial period which is negative. This clearly means you cannot experience the service before paying for it. Once you make the payment, you can begin using the service.




Owning an iPhone can be so much fun when you know exactly the right apps that are needed to make your phone safe and also very exciting. So make sure to get in touch with the best company to make the most out of your iPhone private browsing experience. 

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