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Turkey is a country with strong cultural conflicts between the enlightened western and conservative eastern provinces. Turkey has been desperately trying to obtain a permanent membership in the European Union for many years. Few months back Turkey made highlights all over the world when the Prime Minister gave an executive order to block all access to Twitter in the country. The reason that came out on press and other social websites was alleged high level corruption scandal that was tweeted on twitter that spread countrywide like a wild fire. With general elections by the corner, the PM was determined to disband twitter following in Turkey. His irrational and stubborn decision to ban twitter in Turkey came as a surprise. There are more that 100 million twitter followers in the country. Surprisingly, the twitter usage in Turkey has not reduced following the ban. Are you still wondering “how to unblock twitter” in Turkey? Luckily there is a way!

Get Unlimited Access to Twitter on your iOS devices

Are you looking for a way to unblock twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other banned websites on your iOs? It is very easy and simple with our step by step guide. Get unlimited and fast access to all blocked websites in your country. You can start right away by downloading WASEL Pro VPN app from iTunes here.


If you have already paid for a membership with WASEL Pro VPN, just run the software .exe file and type in your username and password in the given fields. After putting in your details, click on “Login” button. You will see the following details on your device.

unblock twitter in turkey

Now click on “Change Server” tab. You will see a list of all VPN servers available on your iOS device. Scroll down the list and choose a VPN server nearest to you for better speed and reliable connection.

3 - unblocking turkey twitter 2- unblock twitter for turkey

After selecting the server, turn on “VPN” by clicking on the button to start the connection with our servers.

 iphone twittrer vpn turkey

If you haven’t paid for a membership yet, then you can click on the “subscribe” icon. It will take you to a new section where you can see our available plans. Take a look at our packages and if you need any help choosing, contact our support. We will be more than available to listen to and provide solution for all your queries.
5 - cheap turkey vpn for twitter

After purchasing a plan, you are good to go. Just connect the VPN software and you can unblock all restricted websites in your country.


Unblock Twitter with WASEL Pro VPN on Linux

If you are a Linux user, read through our Do-It-Yourself setup guide and connect with our VPN servers in no time. To begin, first you need to go to your profile page where you will see a list of all available servers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Now right click on the “Connections” icon that can be found in the notification area. Click on “Edit Connections” to get started with VPN server connection.

7- opening blocked twitter

A window will then pop out asking you to “Insert your password to perform administrative tasks”

8 - learn to open blocked sites

After putting in your password, click on “Add” button in the preferences window. A pop up will appear “New Connection” enter a connection name for this and provide a server address that you wish to connect with ( for example)

9 - how to open twitter if blocked

IPsec configuration:

If you want to set up a “Remote Server” for the connection, you need to insert the exact IP address of the station that you would like to connect with. The pre-shared key for authentication is “sharedsecret”. Enter it in the placeholder and proceed as follows.

10 - is twitter banned in turkey

Switch to L2TP tab:

Click on the L2TP tab next to the IPsec tab. Make sure that the “Length bit” checkbox is checked.

11 - why got twitter blocked

Switch to PPP tab:

After that click on the next tab towards right “PPP”. Ensure that only “Challenge Authentication Protocol” checkbox is checked only all other options are unchecked. For “User name”, type your WASEL Pro’s registered e-mail address and for “Password”, type your WASEL Pro’s account password. After putting in your details Click “OK”

12 - twitter unblocker

Now, you need to go back to the “Connections” icon in the notification area of Linux and
click on the connection’s name you just created, it will normally take a few seconds to connect.

13 - how to connect to vpn twitter

There you go! Now you are connected to our VPN servers. Just make a quick check whether you are connected to a VPN server by going to and notice that your IP address has changed.

Do you want to “unblock twitter” in your country? Are you looking for a service that can provide you with fast, reliable and secure access to twitter on pc, laptops and smart phones? Are you looking for a way “to unban twitter’’? Look no more! Introducing the most reliable, fast and secure VPN service to meet all your needs, just log on to today and find out exciting and economic solutions that give you unlimited access to twitter on “ windows / apple / Mac / android & all windows smart phones”. With waselpro VPN software you can “unblock twitter” on all platforms. “Opening twitter in turkey” has never been so easy, thanks to our matchless and outstanding VPN services. Read below to “learn to unblock twitter” with our step by step installation and start up guide. “Download twitter unblocker” from our website and get limitless access to twitter and other blocked websites in your country.

Start up guide for WASEL Pro VPN on Mac devices


Do you have a Mac operating device on which you wish to install WASEL Pro VPN? You can start right now by downloading WASEL Pro VPN software by clicking here

On the new page you’ll find different WASEL Pro versions for different operating systems. Make sure that you choose the Mac version of WASEL Pro VPN. The download with then start. After the download is finished, run the WASEL Pro VPN installer on your Mac device. The WASEL Pro VPN will now install on your device.
15 mac open waselpro

After the download has finished, click the WASEL Pro icon and drag it to your application folder.

16 iwasel internet

Once you drag the WASEL Pro icon in the application folder, it will open the folder.

17 - apple applications screen

Release the click now to place WASEL Pro VPN icon in the application folder

18 - install wasel pro mac to applications

The WASEL Pro installer will then be copied in your application folder. Run the installer by clicking on it

19 open waselpro for mac

A new window will pop up. You need to click on the Sign in icon.

21 - main screen waselpro signin

Insert your e-mail and password in the required fields and then click on Login.

22 - signin screen waselpro vpn software

Once you have logged in with your account details, click on WASEL Pro logo to go back to the main window.

23 - logged in screen waselpro app

Click on the arrow to see the list of available servers. Select your preferred server and click on Connect.

24 selecting favorite vpn service jump bar

That’s it! You’re now connected to our VPN server and you can access all websites restricted by your ISP

25 random connected to least loaded vpn server

Twitted unblocked for Android Devices with WASEL Pro OpenVPN

WASEL Pro VPN software is also available for android devices. First of all, you need to be a paid user in order to be able to use WASEL Pro OpenVPN application for Android. If you would like to test the service first you can try it using Windows or Macintosh versions without a username.

To start off right away, you can register here. Then choose one of the four payment methods.

After becoming paid member get a fresh copy of WASEL Pro OpenVPN from google play market by clicking here.

All you need to do is follow these simple installation steps and you will be able to connect to our VPN servers

Click on the Sign in (key icon).

26 - twitter for android

Insert your WASEL Pro account data (e-mail and password) and tap login. Your end paid date should appear. Make sure that your license is still valid and that it hasn’t expired. Tap the WASEL Pro logo (on the left) to go back to the main window.

27 - twitter android vpn software

Now tap on “Connect” icon

28 android vpn app for twitter

That’s it! Now you’re connected to our VPN server and you can access all blocked websites in your country.

29 - unblock twitter for android vpn

Please note that you cannot use two WASEL Pro applications at the same time. If you would like to use WASEL Pro on your phone while using it on your computer, you have two options: either to use L2TP setups or create another account.

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Twitter unbanned for Windows devices with WASEL Pro VPN


WASEL Pro VPN is also available for Windows platforms. You can download our windows software by clicking here.

Just follow these simple installation steps and you will be able to use WASEL Pro VPN for windows operating devices once the installation is finished run WASEL pro.

30 - unblocker for twitter

If you’re using WASEL Pro for trial, select the server and click on “Connect”

31 - learn to unblock twitter

In case you’re a registered user, click on “Sign in”

32 howto unblock twitter for good

Insert your e-mail and password in the required fields and then click on “Login”

33 easy for unblocking twitter

Now click on “WASEL Pro” Logo to go back to the main screen.

34 -if twitter is banned

Now you need to select one of the VPN server and then connect to it.

35 how to open blocked twitter

Once you’re connected, the window will look like this

36 - learn to bypass blocked twitter

So, if you are a twitter user from Turkey and you want fast, reliable and unlimited access to twitter WASEL Pro VPN is the best option you have. WASEL Pro VPN is available for all platforms. Get yourself our VPN software today which is not only easy to install but also matchless in performance and gain access to your twitter account. By the help of WASEL Pro VPN client for all operating platforms you don’t have to feel left out from your favourite social websites. We promise you our best services to cater

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all your needs at the most suitable economic packages. Just download and start using WASEL Pro VPN software for your device and enjoy twitter in Turkey like you used to before the ban with promised safety and reliable service.

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