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Being able to have the best VPN program installed into your computer helps to protect you with so many illegalities and problems the internet come with. Day in and out, we enter websites that we do not need to enter. Other times, we have our systems hacked into without even knowing. This is why with a VPN that is reliable and also has a great proven record, all these problems will be a thing of the past and you will enjoy having to surf the internet all day and all night. In order to choose the best VPN service for you, there will be the need for you to know some of the best in the market. The top 5 UK VPN list is below;

1. WASEL Pro

waselpro cheap vpn

Pro’s: Excellent UK VPN, Multiple Features, Best Online Support, Reasonable Pricing, Easy Software
Cons: none

Excellent UK VPN: This is the first on the list. WASEL pro is one of the best VPN services in the whole of the United Kingdom that permits users to connect to the internet through their services located all over the world. Also, this service allows you to surf the internet with so much speed, without any limitations and also with total security guaranteed. There are so many benefits that you get from using WASEL pro.

Multiple Features: Apart from fast internet connection, you can also count on making easy VOIP calls via Skype and also have the best online surfing time. If you want to browse the internet without being noticed, you can do so with WASEL pro and you will also be safe through the entire process. The link between your computer and the servers of WASEL pro is encrypted when you sign up to the service. Also, as soon as you sign up to the service, you are given a brand new IP address. This is why hackers and sniffers will never be able to reach your computer and steal or get any information from you. If you are asking why you should use WASEL Pro even after all the above advantages, read on to learn more about this unique VPN service.

The Best Online Support by WASEL Pro: The main website of WASEL Pro is designed professionally to give all users the best using experience. With the best and stylish HTML 5 animation on the home page and other amazing graphics, there is no way you won’t enjoy your time online at the main website of the service.

Customer support is very much available through a ticket as well as live chat systems. This way, you can get help when you need it on the spot. You can also take the customer service numbers and contact the offices of WASEL Pro through those numbers. You will be attended to by very friendly and respectful customer service persons.

Reasonable Pricing: With the reasonable pricing of this service, you can count on offers ranging from one month, three months, half a year and also one year. This is good news to anyone who wants a reliable VPN service.

Easy Software: The very best and easy installations as well as one click to connection application. All you need is to setup the OpenVPN client of WASEL pro on your computer then enter your username and password then click again. That is all and you will be connected. WASEL Pro is also compatible with hand held devices as well as cellphones and also applications for Android and iOS devices are available. You can also have faith in their trusted and reliable VPN solutions for commercial and individual use.


2. SwitchVPN

free trial switch vpn

Pro’s: Good Software, Pricing and Features of SwitchVPN, Cheap Lite Package, Customer Support
Cons: Money Back Guarantee But…

Good Software: This is second on the list. SwitchVPN is currently based in India. There are so many people who truly appreciate and love this service because they feel it gives them. The truth however is that; their simplicity cannot be compared to WASEL Pro in the slightest way because; SwitchVPN is quite confusing if you have not used it before is not a technical brain someway. It is the package that SwitchVPN has that sets it apart from many other VPN services in the industry.

Pricing and Features of SwitchVPN: SwitchVPN offers 3 main pricing plans in a whole and all these offer the best access to their 1 Gbps backbone network as well as unlimited bandwidth. Below are the 3 main pricing packages you will like to choose from with this service;

Cheap Lite Package which offers users with $5.95 p/m: This fundamental package lets you make use of PPTP and also L2TP VPN protocols. You also get to connect to servers in one these 5 countries (UK, US, Germany, the Netherlands and also Canada). You have to beware however that, unlike the many other VPN service providers, SwitchVPN packages only includes connection to services in a single country. For more detail into this, you will need to contact customer support because; getting real explanation on this simply is impossible with the information

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offered on their main website.

The Advanced Plan (7.95 p /m): This plan is simply amazing and also offers the best VPN services to users who decide to sign up for it. All features are almost the same as the Lite plan but this plan lets you use OpenVPN protocol.

Combo Pro ($14.95 p/m): This plan is the combination of the lite and advanced plus more features brought under one umbrella. Instead of 5 countries of access, there are 16 namely UK, US, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and others. It also supports the SSTP VPN protocol.

Customer Support: You can have a great time through the live chat system to have all your questions answers in record.

Money Back Guarantee But… : With all plans, you get a 7 day money back guarantee however; this guarantee is valid only if SwitchVPN fails to allow you connect to its service not because you do not like the speed of the service or others.

3. Cactus VPN

reviews cactus vpn

Pro’s: Cheap UK Only Package, Good Support, Multiple Payment Options
Cons: Limited Servers

Cheap UK Only Package: Cactus VPN is the third on the list. Although CactusVPN is a fairly new and small Moldova based VPN service provider, they get so many things right with their clients and also their work services. You will definitely love their privacy policy which is no usage logs. CactusVPN makes use of the best encryption to offer its clients with fast and also cheap services with fully packed plans.

Good Support: They have the very best client support systems and is one of the only VPN clients that feature an applications killer which is simply amazing. Although this service cannot be said to be perfect, they are one of the best. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can enjoy some of the best and also cheap UK only packages from Cactus VPN.

Multiple Payment Options: Some good news is that, the service offers a 24 hours free trial offer that gives you complete access to all services that CactusVPN offers. Payment methods include PayPal, Credit / Debit Card, Cash U, ePyaza and others.

Limited Servers: They however have limited servers. The service has 3 servers with one in the UK, one in the US and one in the Netherlands. So, you can sign up to any of these three with ease. You can sign up to any of these servers and pay only $4.99 every month or even have connection to all three servers including CactusVPN’s SmartDNS service for $6.99 every month. If you do not want the service to be attached, you can buy the SmartDNS separately for $4.99 every month.


4. Invisible Browsing VPN (ibvpn)

vpn servers ibvpn

Pro’s: Free Trail, No Torrents
Cons: No Router Support

Free Trail: Invisible Browsing VPN and acronym ibvpn is the fourth on the list. The main benefit and biggest positive that the ibVPN comes with has to do with its absolutely free trial account offers that give customers the opportunity to check all its services as well as support. It also has the very best full packed OS and device support that makes visitors happy to purchase it. You can get all protocol services with no stress and it has the best live chat service where clients can have all their questions answered.

No Torrents: This service permits no torrents for your information especially if you are buying or purchasing it to download torrent secretly.

No Router Support: This VPN service comes with no dedicated IPAs which also restricts the IP area of its clients. It also does not offer router support for clients using routers.


5. Hide my Ass VPN

hidemyass vpn servers

Pro’s: Good Speed, 24/7 Customer Support
Cons: Quite Expensive, Not Much Payment Methods

Good Speed: HMA VPN is known to have the very best speed and no matter the device it is used on, the speed is simply impeccable. The service is easy to sign up for and also very easy to use.

24/7 Customer Support: Has the best 24/7 customer service and also boasts of IPs in more than 63 countries and also offer the very best VPN services all over the world.

Quite Expensive: The service is quite expensive and an average internet sufferer can’t manage to pay for it. However, they provide 30 days money back guarantee for the client’s satisfaction.

Not Much Payment Methods: The service has limited payment methods which restricts buyers mostly. Keep this in mind before signing up with the service.



Almost all the VPN service providers have the very best and easy to use features. Also, they have a simple usage pattern which makes them the best 5 in the UK as at now.

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